Viking Runes Divination set

Viking Runes Divination set

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A Sticks, Stones & Broken bones design. Made in Southern Tasmania where the vibes are high and happy. This unique set includes so many beautiful gifts for the soul! Each drawer holds a secret.....

The gorgeous 30cm triple set of drawers contains:

A beautiful set of 25  hand carved Elder Futhark viking runes (including the Wyrd, Odin's or blank rune)

1x natural Selenite wand for cleansing 

1x rough Rose Quartz to open your space with a loving intention

1x Optical Calcite (viking sun stone) to help channel the energies of the old ancestors to aid in your reading

1x bag of small Quartz points to grid your intention

1x bag of clear Quartz Crystal chips to cast a circle

1x bag of Himalayan salt to cleanse your crystals

3x beeswax candles to bring light and focus

3 x mini sticky buds (Palo Santo + botanicals) coz they smell awesome and are great for lifting your energy.

1x large Dragonsblood and white sage smudge stick which will last you ages if you use it sparingly when cleansing yourself, or your environment.

1x jar of matches to get the ball rolling.

I think I've got you covered in most areas!

This is a one off set.

This Delux Divination Set would make a beauty-full gift for someone starting out on their spiritual path. All items come loving wrapped with colourful tissue paper, bubble wrapped and boxed.







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