CLASS OF 2018 Course Intake. Crystal Basics Level 1 - Crystals and Energy

CLASS OF 2018 Course Intake. Crystal Basics Level 1 - Crystals and Energy

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I am now taking enrollments into The Class of 2018 at The Crystal Keeper's Academy on OpenLearning for Crystal Basics Level 1 - Crystals & Energy

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Are you naturally drawn to crystals and want to learn more?

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Crystal Basics Level 1 ~ Crystals & Energy

Course Goals:

  • Become familiar with the science of crystals.
  • Learn how they are created and what makes a crystal different from a rock?
  • Understand how crystals function on an energetic level.
  • Sense and feel the energies emitted from crystals on a physical level.
  • See your own energy field, and the energy around plants, animals, crystals, and other people.
  • Gain an understanding into why crystals need to be cleansed.
  • Be introduced to various different crystal cleansing techniques that you can start using straight away.

Science and crystals 

Some believe crystals and gemstones to be pretty stones used by new age hippies and related to Hocus Pocus. This in reality is far from the truth. To get the real picture we need to go back to science and quantum physics basics.

Here you will learn the scientific facts related to crystal energy. I have made this chapter extremely simple to understand, although the subject matter is rather complex, We will be looking at scientific facts in a fun and interesting way, so that you can understand how a crystal actually works on an energetic level.

Feeling Crystal Energy

The energy of a crystal can be sensed by humans. It is something that you do on an unconscious level every single day. Becoming conscious and remaining open to sensing and receiving these energies is the first step to being able to sucessfully work with crystals. Whether you wish to become a crystal healer, or to manifest your wildest dreams through crystal grids - It all starts here with the very basics.

Seeing Energy

Seeing is believing, right? So lets delve a little deeper into the world of electromagnetic energy, and take it to the next level. Heck, in this day and age, you can't believe everything that you read on the internet, so I am going to show you how YOU can start to see the energy field or aura of yourself, your plants, animals, friends, family and environment. All you need is a little time, two eyes, two fingers, and a clear blue sky.............

The Importance of cleansing

You have learned that crystals are made up of energy, and so too are our bodies. Now I will explain to you why it is so important that you cleanse your crystals on a regular basis. You have probably heard of people placing thier crystals under a full moon, or seen an Indian smoking ceremony before, but do you fully understand why these actions are being taken? Is it all just hocus-pocus, or is there a scientific reason that your crystals need a bath?

How to cleanse your crystals

Now that you understand why you need to cleanse your crystal collection on a regular basis, I am going to show you how to do it. This section is designed to walk you through various techniques used around the world, to clear and cleanse the energy in your crystals, and recharge them back up to their natural high vibration state.

More Information

This is a Level 1 course that I have designed with beginners in mind. 

Those people that have little to no experience in working with crystals will gain valuable insights into the basics of working with crystals on an energetic level. For those who already have crystals in their lives, or work with crystal energy already, this course will act as a great refresher, to remind you of the basics required to sucessfully utilise the energy of crystals in your everyday lives.

This is a self paced course, you may complete it in a time frame that feels comfortable for you. You do not need to complete it in a set time frame to obtain your certificate.

The course contains lessons via slide presentations, video lectures, mp3 guided meditations, and practical activities or homework for you to complete for each module.

You can access the course material via your computer or laptop, or through a mobile device. You can even make it available case you care to venture out of range and into the forest to get to know your crystals or learn to see the aura of a tree.

Once you have covered all of the modules and finished all of the practical activities, you will be awarded with a certificate of completion.

This is not a batchelors degree, or even a licence to practice any specific crystal therapy. It is recognition of your participation in the course, and the fact that you showed an understanding for the subjects covered.

Crystal Basics Levels 2 and 3 will be offered first, to students who have completed Level 1.

Levels 2 and 3 will be based specifically around working with crystals and Chakras, and introduction to various crystal healing techniques, and Manifest your desires with the help of crystals.

Each intake of students will have the opportunity to meet up online for live chats, and to share experiences with each other, in the comfort of The Crystal Keepers Academy. Here you can ask each other questions, and offer each other support, share photos and videos of your crystal collections, and get to know each other. Together you will learn the magic behind the crystal kingdom, and you will more than likely meet new friends who you will continue to communicate with after the course is completed.

Who Is The Teacher?

My name is Bennise Cox and I am the founder of The Crystal Keeper.

I began working with crystals over 25 years ago and to this day, it is what makes me the happiest!

I have completed courses in Elemental healing with crystal resonance therapy and Level 3 in Reiki (Reiki master), but have found that my personal time spent with crystals along the way has offered me more lessons than any courses I have completed.

I began teaching workshops and online courses a few years ago as a way of sharing what I know with those who seek a teacher

Let me offer you my knowledge, wisdom and encouragement as you start your crystal journey.


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