Rainbows and Crystals Oracle Mat

Rainbows and Crystals Oracle Mat


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A special something to make your space more magical. A place to cast your runes or draw your cards with a warm brew. A sacred circle at your fingertips.....

This gorgeous Oracle mat is inspired by Rainbows, Light and the spiral of Life. 

The top is weaved with an Earthy Australian Mookaite to ground and stabilise your energy.

A little polished chlorite Quartz point hangs from the bottom with handpainted bone beads.

An assortment of seed pods and wooden beads bring a pleasant rain sound through rattle and is finished with a tree of life charm to represent physical and spiritual nourishment and personal growth.

The Oracle Mat is made from non native natural fibres and recycled fabric. Good for the Earth and eye candy for the human.

It doubles as a funky wall hanging when not in use.

Made in southern Tasmania where the vibes are high and happy. ✌️❤️😁🌈 

One of a kind Sticks, Stones & Broken Bones Design.

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